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Welcome to the new age Men's Skincare

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Best Men’s Intimate Wash - Veraku

Best Men’s Intimate Wash


So, we at Veraku Launched Special Intimate Wash for Men or men’s genital wash according to the men’s skin.

Veraku’s Men’s Intimate Wash offers following specialties –

  1. Soap Free Intimate wash.
  2. Suitable for all skin types.
  3. Contain natural ingredients – Aloe vera, tea tree oil,
  4. Free from Sulphate and Paraben.
  5. Enjoy the Coolness of Aloe barbadensis.
  6. Give Hydrolysed Protein Milk moisture to your intimate area.
  7. Get the nourishment of Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Best Intimate Wash for Men – Frequently Asked Questions –

Is any Separate Intimate Wash Available for Men in India?

There are three kinds of Intimate washes – one is for men, another is for the female, and the third is for Unisex. Veraku is the Best Men’s Intimate Wash suitable for all ages.

Why use Intimate Wash?

The skin in the intimate areas is sensitive. Using harsh chemicals in those intimate areas can cause skin infections and allergies. This wash from veraku is the perfect natural intimate wash free from harsh chemicals. It is prepared from natural ingredients to ensure that intimate wash cares for sensitive intimate areas.

Why Men Use Male Intimate Wash?

It is because Intimate wash has a balanced PH LEVEL. The female Intimate wash “PH level” is different as men’s skin is hard.


Why is Daily Soap not suitable for Intimate areas?

Soaps contain strong hard cleaning fragrances and chemicals. If Soap are used for cleaning intimate areas, then rashes and allergies happen to the intimate areas. That is why it is advised for men to clean intimate areas. It is also because intimate wash offers balanced PH.

Can men use Intimate Wash Daily?

Yes, of course, because this wash from veraku is created from natural ingredients – Aloe vera, NEEM, and TEA TREE OIL, Hydration of OATS, and so on. Men use Daily Intimate Wash to Clean Intimate areas because Natural Intimate Wash from Veraku makes you feel fresh and intimate skin remains clean.

So, What are you waiting for? Shop Now Men’s Intimate Wash for men’s genital wash From veraku. We at veraku are top-notch India’s best manufacturer and supplier of the best intimate wash for men.


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