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The Ultimate Monsoon Intimate Hygiene and Grooming Routine for Men - Veraku

The Ultimate Monsoon Intimate Hygiene and Grooming Routine for Men

Of course, hygiene includes everything, from a daily shower to brushing your teeth twice a day. But there’s one more type of hygiene that men often overlook. And it’s extremely important! We’re talking about intimate hygiene.

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Monsoon Intimate Hygiene and Grooming Routine for Men:

As the monsoon arrives, maintaining intimate hygiene is of utmost importance for both men and women. And while women have plenty of blogs and guides to help them figure out a monsoon grooming and hygiene routine, few such exist for men.

But we’re here to help you out! Read on to find out some custom men’s grooming and intimate hygiene tips for the monsoon. And follow them well to stay healthy throughout this rainy season.

Use an Anti-Chafing Cream

During monsoons, humidity is extremely high and the weather isn’t always cool. You might sweat excessively, and as a result, develop chafed skin or rashes.

Chafing between the thighs or under the armpits is the most common during monsoon. It happens because the skin rubs together or against clothes and produces too much friction. This friction ultimately leads to painful rashes and itchiness in these areas.

Applying an anti-chafing cream protects your skin from this issue. It acts as a secondary layer to your skin for preventing chafing. If you are wondering which anti-chafing cream you should choose, go for Veraku’s. Veraku anti-chafing cream is safe and keeps your skin dry yet moisturized for the entire day.

Intimate Wash (Monsoon Intimate Hygiene and Grooming Routine for Men):

As mentioned before, Indian monsoons are brutally uncomfortable because of the high humidity. And the part of your body worst affected by this humidity is your intimate region.

Too much sweat and moisture are terrible for your private parts. They sweat and smell worse than usual. So you need extra care and hygiene for your intimate regions as the rainy season begins.

Start using an intimate wash daily to thoroughly clean your nether regions. You can also use it twice a day or every time you shower or take a bath. After washing, pat dry with a microfiber towel. Regular usage of good quality, hypoallergenic, and sulfur-free intimate wash such as the one from Veraku will keep your intimate regions clean and free from odor. Plus, you won’t have to worry about infections or rashes.

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Face Wash:

In monsoons, the increased level of humidity turns your skin oily. This oil can clog your pores and cause pimples or acne.

So during the rainy season, your skin requires special care and attention. You need to keep your skin oil-free using a good-quality face wash. After using one, dry your face with a soft towel. Use the same kind of microfiber towel that you use for your intimate region.

There are a range of men’s face washes available in the market. Make sure you choose one of them and not something manufactured for women. Men’s facial skin is also not the same as women’s, so choosing a women’s face wash will not give you good results.


After washing your face thoroughly, it’s time to moisturize to avoid dryness and dullness.

A good moisturizing routine can keep your skin healthy and glowing. However, remember that a moisturizer with too much oil can backfire.

The season is already humid, so you should look for a light, water-based moisturizer. Again, remember to choose one tailored to men’s skin.

Shave after Shower

Shaving after a shower is a great idea, especially if you’ve had a warm shower. The hair becomes soft as pores open up because of the hot water. This makes shaving easier.

Use a good shaving cream or foam, and a clean razor every time you shave. Change the blades of your razor frequently. If you use an electric trimmer, clean it regularly.

After shaving your beard well, use a moisturizer for soothing your skin. You can also use an after-shave lotion for removing redness and rashes.

Improve your Odour

Good odour follows good hygiene. But during monsoon, you have to make an effort to smell good.

Choose a nice-smelling deodorant or cologne. Apply it daily after you shower to have a good smell on your body all day. Also, make sure your cologne or deo is waterproof. Because if you get wet, you don’t want the perfume to wash off.

Before buying a deodorant, test it and check the formulation to avoid any future allergies. And if you still develop rashes or pimples while using it, stop immediately and consult a dermatologist.


Monsoon Intimate Hygiene and Grooming Routine for Men: You can’t compromise on your intimate hygiene and grooming in any season. And during monsoons, focusing on it is especially important. Following our tips will have you covered for every rainy season from now on. So get the right products, including Veraku’s anti-chafing cream and intimate wash for men, and begin your monsoon hygiene routine right away!

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