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Tips to Get Rid of Chafing in 2023

Tips to Get Rid of Chafing in 2023: Summers are here, and with that comes the irritating sweating problem. And while we can’t whine enough about the heat, there’s one problem that makes summers too painful. Yes, we’re talking about men chafing! Men chafing is no joke – it’s like a constant irritation that you can’t itch away!

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So wouldn’t you like a magical way to get rid of your chafed skin? We’ll help you out with our tips and tricks, but let’s first understand what chafing is and how it occurs.

What is Chafing?

Ever had that weird itchy feeling in public where you know that scratching won’t solve the problem? That’s chafing!

Chafing is one of the most common dermatological issues caused by friction between the skin or skin and clothes. Moisture induced by sweat can worsen friction.

Constant skin-on-skin rubbing can cause stinging, burning sensations, rashes, or scars. In some cases men chafing, excessive chafing can lead to swollen skin or even bleeding.

What Parts of My Skin Can Get Chafed?

Areas in contact with clothes are highly susceptible to chafing as they keep rubbing against the fabric.  Moreover, parts of your skin that produce the most sweat are also more likely to chafe. Thighs, buttocks, groin, armpits, nipples, and feet are the usual areas where chafing occurs.

Men’s Chafing: What Causes Chafing?

Here are some of the most common reasons for chafing:

  • Being overweight: Excess fat in your body or obesity is likely to increase friction against your skin and cause irritation.
  • Overexerting yourself: Sports and working out are all good for the body. But chafing may occur when you push yourself too hard and go overboard.   Repeated rubbing along with heat and sweat from physical exertion can make chafing worse.
  • Diapers: If too tight or worn for too long, diapers can quickly end up causing skin irritation and rashes. The same is true for specific sanitary pads as well.
  • Unsuitable Materials: Some people might be allergic to certain types of fabric. Individuals who often wear nylon or polyester outfits like wetsuits and bathing suits may experience chafing on the thighs, especially in summer.
  • Unshapely Clothes: Ill-fitting clothes, whether too tight or too loose, can cause chafing. The most common examples are wrong-sized undergarments.
  • Breastfeeding: Nursing women often find their nipples chafed due to regular skin-to-skin contact.
  • Certain Types of Clothes: This is mostly true for women. Skirts and shorts can lead to the thighs rubbing together while walking, which ultimately causes chafing.

Tips to Get Rid of Chafing: Ways to Get Rid of Chafing

Now that you know why chafing occurs, it’s time you find out different ways to avoid it. Keep reading to know about them!

Regular Hygiene:

Men, do you want to get rid of men’s chafing? Yes, then, Having a bath every day, especially after exercising, will help regulate your body temperature and keep it cool. Hot water is a big NO-NO, as it can make the rashes drier and itchier. While bathing, use mild dermatologically approved soap to maintain the body’s moisture level.

Use an Anti-Chafing Cream:

Excessively moist skin will worsen your chafing. An anti-chafing cream can help with this. It will keep the area moisturized and appropriately dry to prevent it from getting chafed.

Suitable Clothing:

You may not realize what an important part your clothes play when it comes to chafing. Wearing comfortable, breathable fabrics like cotton is a better choice, especially during summer. Such fabrics are softer and absorb sweat easily. When exercising, athletic wear like compression shorts and fast-dry workout t-shirts help protect certain areas from friction.

Home Remedies:

Do not experiment when trying to clean chafed skin. Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and iodine solutions make matters worse. They are intended for cuts and scratches, but in case of chafing, they erode your skin further. Use mildly cold water to wash the area and pat dry with a microfiber towel. Thereafter, apply some cooling agents like aloe vera gel.

Anti-Chafing Creams:

These are the most preferred way to get rid of those pesky rashes. They help by creating a protective barrier around the areas prone to chafing. We recommend trying a good quality anti-chafing cream such as the one from Veraku. Make sure to use it regularly to avoid being chafed.

If any of your usual activities are causing chafing and they’re important to your routine, it doesn’t mean you give up on them! Just do it but with some proper protective gear on. And don’t let those wandering fingers keep itching the inflamed areas.

While simple home remedies may help you get rid of chafed skin, you have to be super careful even after you’ve gotten rid of it. Using an anti-chafing cream every day is the only way to help you live a chafe-free life. But how do these work? Keep reading to find out!

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How to do Anti-Chafing Creams Work?

Anti-chafing creams are extremely effective and provide you with 8-hour-long relief from any skin irritation. Veraku’s anti-chafing cream is free of harmful chemicals, so no matter your skin type, it’ll suit you. Here’s how it protects you from painful chafing.

Protective Layer:

Veraku anti-chafing cream has a unique anti-friction, non-toxic gel formula that glides easily onto those hard-to-reach folds of the skin. Its talc-free and hypoallergenic composition form a protective barrier between the skin folds. This barrier keeps friction minimal. It even feels non-powdery.

Provides Lubrication:

Veraku anti-chafing cream lubricates the dry folds of your skin and keeps the chafing-prone areas aptly moisturized. Well-moisturized skin does not produce too much friction even on rubbing against clothes or itself. And the lesser the friction, the lower the chances of chafing!

All-Natural Ingredients:

Keeping your comfort in mind, Veraku uses the best natural ingredients in its anti-chafing cream. Its quick-action formula is made of 100% natural Manihot esculenta (tapioca) starch. This paraben-free, aluminum-free, and hypoallergenic cream gives you the fastest relief from chafing. It also keeps your skin unclogged and gives it a cooling effect.

Works in Summers Too:

Many anti-chafing creams fail to work on humid days. The reason? Your sweat washes the cream off. But that’s not the case with Veraku’s anti-chafing cream. It is water-repellent, so it stays for over 8 hours even if you sweat a lot.

Hello Summers, Bye-Bye Chafing!

Now that you know all about the troubles of chafing and how to get rid of it, don’t wait too long to say bye to chafing. This summer, with Veraku’s anti-chafing cream, Hey, Men, let your men's chafing problems be a thing of the past!

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