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Trending 10 Intimate Hygiene Tips For Men in 2023 - Veraku

Trending 10 Intimate Hygiene Tips For Men in 2023

The answer, for many men, is NO. You might be one of them. And if you are, keep reading to find out why you are making a big mistake by ignoring your intimate hygiene and what you can do to maintain it.

Intimate Hygiene for Men: Why is it Important?

Feminine hygiene has taken a stride in recent years, emphasizing women’s health and welfare. But men have lagged behind when it comes to awareness about intimate hygiene.

Regardless of your gender, you absolutely can’t afford to compromise on your intimate hygiene. Unhygienic private parts aren’t just unpleasant. They’re seriously harmful to your health too!

The sweat, itchiness, and rashes that come with a dirty genital area can be highly uncomfortable. And if you don’t clean your nether regions properly, you could even get infections. Rarely, these infections can even be fatal! So if you have been ignoring your intimate hygiene for a long time now, start taking care of it.

But how do you do that in the proper manner? As a man, you have to follow specific tips to ensure your intimate hygiene. And we have listed them below.


Top 10 Intimate Hygiene Tips for Men:

Personal grooming is important:

If you think grooming is just for aesthetic purposes, think again. Intimate area grooming requires trimming and keeping it clean for much more than looks.

It keeps the area clean so that you sweat less. Less sweating leads to lesser bacterial growth and, thus, keeps your intimate area miles away from odor.

Take a hot shower before grooming the intimate area. This will open up the pores and make the process easier. Avoid using razors because they cause irritations, no matter how gentle you are, better if you can use men’s intimate hygiene products. Use electric trimmers instead. To avoid feeling prickly, just shorten the hair instead of completely removing it.

Regular cleaning helps

There are always some lazy days when it feels impossible to get up and take a shower. We have all been there, and once in a while, that is okay.

But that does not excuse keeping the private parts dirty even on days like these. You can skip a shower, but thorough washing of the intimate area is not up for negotiation. It needs to be cleaned once a day.

Use warm water and a good-quality men’s intimate wash designed only for men from Veraku to clean your private parts every day. After cleaning, pat dry with a towel instead. Now, males must use men’s intimate hygiene products.

Wear clean underwear

Laziness is the mother of almost all problems. Not doing a load of laundry out of laziness will force you to reach for dirty underwear. But that’s never a good idea.

The sweat and germ build-up in used underwear is one of the worst things that can touch your intimate area. Always keep extra underwear handy to make sure you never have to reach for the used ones.

Also, ditch synthetic fabrics while picking out underwear. They cause significant bacteria build-up. Cotton underwear is always the best choice because the material is breathable and light.

Use intimate area cleansing products

Men don’t clean their intimate region because they lack the right intimate hygiene products to do it. And sometimes, even if they are aware of the importance of intimate hygiene, they use soap or female intimate washes.

But doing this could seriously backfire. As a man, your biological features are very different from a woman. Men’s genital area has a pH of 4.5, and most soaps or female washes fail to maintain it. Using them for a long time could lead to dry and itchy skin.

Always pick out gentle cleansers that maintain the pH balance of the skin down there. We at Veraku bring you men’s hygiene wash. Now, males must use men’s intimate hygiene products like Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash is a great option. Use it regularly to keep your private region clean.

Maintain a healthy diet:

Our health is reflected in what we put inside our bodies. The food that we consume plays a significant role in regulating our intimate area health too.

Adequate water intake is a must for overall health, and so is green tea because of its abundance of antioxidants. Consumption of fresh, green leafy vegetables keeps the intimate area odorless. Citrus fruits are also a go-to if you want to get rid of foul odor.

Drink fruit juices and refreshers in the summer to stay hydrated. And do not forget to eat your salads every once in a while. Doing all this will surely help you get a more healthy intimate area.


Moisturizing seems like a reasonable step in someone’s facial care routine. But is it essential for men’s intimate area hygiene? Yes!

Dried-out skin can give rise to sensitivity, redness, itching, and irritation. All of these are troublesome and can trigger more significant problems. No matter how men groom themselves, not moisturizing properly after every trim could lead to rashes and infections.

After you’ve trimmed your pubic hair, moisturize the area with an excellent intimate area wash that restores its pH balance.

Check the ingredients in the intimate hygiene products:

Intimate Hygiene Tips for Men: With a wave of men’s hygiene and grooming products flooding the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Here’s a tip that will help you choose the right one.

Make sure you read the ingredients list of the intimate hygiene products and be cautious about some questionable ingredients. It is better to keep away from Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), a surfactant for foaming. It dries out the skin and is harmful. The other alarming ingredient is paraben.

Always choose paraben-free and sulfate-free intimate products. Also, go for hypoallergenic formulas whenever possible. If these terms seem confusing, choose Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and is hypoallergenic.

Hygiene surrounding physical intimacy:

After sexual activities, many men tend to ignore cleaning their private regions. This is because of unawareness or laziness. Either way, you’re putting both yourself and your partner at risk.

After intercourse, wash your private parts thoroughly with an intimate wash. Make sure you also dry the area well.

The area needs to be washed and cleaned before physical intimacy too. You’ll not only feel fresh but also keep your partner safe this way.

Know what not to use:

We have told you what you need to do to keep your intimate region clean. But here’s something you should not do!

Using too many intimate hygiene products is never a good idea for a sensitive area like the genitalia. Keep talcum powder away from the intimate area. It might feel cool and breezy on the underarms and body, but it isn’t made for the thinner-skinned body parts.

Also, do not apply deodorant or cologne to your intimate region. And also, avoid all types of anti-sweating products. So, Now, males use men’s intimate hygiene products.

Use separate towels:

Towels are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Using the same towel for your intimate area and body is a bad idea.

The germs on your towel won’t harm the tougher areas of your body. But your genitals could get infected because of dirty towels.

Switch to separate towels to dry off your private parts. Pat drying is gentler and the right way to go. And choose microfiber towels whenever possible.

Go the Clean Way!

Intimate Hygiene Tips for Men: These are 10 of the simplest tips for men’s intimate area hygiene. It might sound like a lot at first. But these little steps can help ensure your intimate, and thereby physical health remains optimal. So start following them today for a sweat and odor-free genital region. If you are looking to discuss in detail with us men’s intimate-hygiene products, then contact us.

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